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Here you can find main information and history about Mia Wasikowska Source.

General Information

Site name: Mia Wasikowska Source
Site URL:
Site Host: Fan Sites Network

Site History

The website was created by Ania back in 2009, and the creating day was 12 August, She had built a very comprehensive Mia archive for that time. She had been looking for some helpers few times but unfortunately, because of lack of time, and finding no co-owner, she had to give up on the site. Ania first thought of deleting it, but then, Alexa told her she’d adopt and keep the site. There were a lot of webmasters who had been trying their best to keep MWS the best source, including Celyn, Anula & Arwen. After that all, me, the owner of the site, Keso, adopted the website but when I wanted to clean the site up from some problems, the Photo Gallery – not fully, but almost half of the images got deleted because of some spams, also WordPress files got deleted but I could get back most posts, but not pages. I had to completely renew the site but fortunately I didn’t start from scratch, but I still had really a lot to do, almost everything needed to be re-done. So I started doing it and now here is your most complete and best fan source on Mia bringing you all latest and greatest on the talented actress.


The very first credit of course goes to Mia herself for inspiring me to take a chance of running a fansite on her. Very big thanks to Fan Sites Network for hosting and the admins for giving me a chance to own this site. Then all the previous owners and the biggest thanks to Ania who founded the site! Want to thank a lot of people for inspiring me, with their amazing fansites, the biggest inspiration came from Frederik’s and Lindsey’s sites, which are my most favorite webmasters and people to take an example from. Thanks to all the fans and visitors for making the site a well-viewed and best fansite on Mia, and thanks to the following scripts we use: WordPress, Coppermine, JWPlayer.

Site Disclaimer

The website is an unofficial FANsite dedicated to a talented Australian actress, Mia Wasikowska. We do not own any images/articles/videos/interviews which are being found here, but they belong to the original owners and creators. We do not steal any content from any other fansites/websites and if you notice anything that you’ve done, or own, please contact us so we can remove it/put a credit. Thanks.

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