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Guess what?! Jesse Eisenberg and Mia are sharing more than just the big screen! The pair packed on PDA for an afternoon outing in Toronto on July 18, which included strolling hand in hand and swapping kisses at both an outdoor park and a restaurant.

Later that the couple was seen hitting the town with another Mia’s costar, Robert Pattinson and his lady friend. Mia has been spending plenty of time with Rob since the pair are currently filming “Maps to the Stars” in Canada together.

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by on July 7,2013

John Curran’s Tracks, from The King’s Speech producer See-Saw Films, will have its world premiere as the opening night film of the Adelaide Film Festival on October 10.

Based on an iconic book, the film tells the true story of author Robyn Davidson’s 1,700 mile trek from the middle of Australia to the Indian Ocean in the late 1970s.

Many fine actresses “came after” the role, Curran told ScreenDaily, but from the minute he met Mia Wasikowska he felt she had the ability to embody the complex and contradictory real-life character.

“There was something about her (Wasikowska’s) spirit … She’s very very smart and good at articulating ideas, which was remarkable to me at such a young age. She is in practically every frame of the film and was on set every day in that heat, often miles away for the wide shots, managing on her own with four camels and a dog.”

Tracks was filmed over eight weeks in remote desert locations in South Australia and the Northern Territory and Curran said he got a lot of pleasure from working in that environment.

He is also very pleased that the last feature he expects to make using the medium of film – the transition to digital is a painful one for him, he said – took full advantage of Australia’s spectacular landscapes and light.

“I was determined that my last ever film using the medium of film would… not be some interior story set in an apartment somewhere.”

The producers of Tracks are Emile Sherman and Iain Canning from See-Saw Films, the production company that straddles Australia and the UK and also produced Oscar winner The King’s Speech. Julie Ryan and Antonia Barnard are the co-producers. The movie will be released locally by Transmission Films and handled internationally by Hanway Films and Cross City Sales.

This year’s Adelaide Film Festival is the first held under the directorship of Amanda Duthie and the first held late in the year instead of early.


by on June 6,2013

It is being reported that Mia will be replacing Emma Stone in the upcoming film “Crimson Peak” after she had to drop out due to a busy schedule, according to The Wrap. Mia would play

“a young author named Edith Cushing who discovers that her charming new husband is not who he appears to be.”

by on April 4,2013

Mia Wasikowska is everywhere. The elfin darling of the indie elite (who has been known to slum it for the odd blockbuster, like breakthrough “Alice in Wonderland”), she has sustained the critical momentum of the pajama-clad daughter in “The Kids Are All Right” to dominate the Sundance acting conversation with “Stoker.” This summer, according to Ion Cinema, she will be trekking into “Sound of Music” country to film an Alpine meditation with Euro-stalwart Juliette Binoche.

“Sils Maria” reteams the “Summer Hours” duo of Binoche and director Olivier Assayas, though she’s been absent from his recent films like “Carlos” and “Something In The Air.” Set in the eponymous Swiss town, a floral hangout for 19th and 20th century intellectuals (Nietzsche’s old pad is now a tourist attraction), the picture will explore middle-age and the perception of one’s own success. Binoche, now something of a veteran herself, plays a famous actress haunted by roles of the past, with Wasikowska as her assistant.

Assayas told us of the project last year, “I’ve written it for Juliette Binoche, it’s based on her. A Juliette Binoche movie about Juliette Binoche with Juliette Binoche. It will be in English and part of the cast will be American.” And right he was. The film’s got funding lined up, so this feels like a definite possibility for Cannes 2014. Ms. Wasikowska, in the meantime, has at least five films on the way, from Richard Ayoade’s sophomore film, “The Double,” to Jim Jarmusch’s “Only Lovers Left Alive,” we’ll be seeing her around a fair bit this summer. Binoche, meanwhile, will move on to the project once she wraps a rare blockbuster excursion, on Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla.”


by on December 12,2012

Linda Woolverton who has worked on 2010s 3D fantasy box office hit Alice in Wonderland and has a long history with Disney is reportedly penning the sequel.

Mouse House stalwart Woolverton has written the story of movies such as Mulan, released in 1998, and 1994 The Lion King, not to mention Beauty and the Beast and Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. She is also currently working on the upcoming movie Maleficent, scheduled to be released in 2013.

Tim Burton’s big screen live action take on Alice starred Mia Wasikowska in the title role and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

This will marks Woolverton’s third Alice screenplay as she also wrote the script for the musical stage version currently in the works by Disney Theatrical Productions, which Rob Ashford will helm as a direct adaptation of the 2010 feature.

In addition to Tron 3 that has effectively begun negotiations with Jesse Wigutow to come on board as the new scribe, this is the second high-profile sequel revealed to be in development in the last few days and the latest fantasy tale Disney is currently lensing or developing (Cinderella, Peter and the Starcatchers and Magic Kingdom).

At this point it’s unclear whether or not Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are interested in returning.


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