by on September 9,2009

Mia Wasikowska

Age: 19

Years on List: 2009

What She’s Done: Hailing from the land Down Under, she had a breakthrough role in the HBO series ‘In Treatment.’

What’s Next: This fall she’ll play rival pilot to Hilary Swank’s ‘Amelia’ (Earhart). Then it’s the title, potentially star-making role in Tim Burton’s highly anticipated ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ alongside Johnny Depp, and as the child of a lesbian couple in the comedy ‘The Kids Are All Right.’

Industry Buzz: She won’t be known as Mia Whatshername much longer, since this ballet dancer-turned-actress is destined to break out in a big way. She’s already displayed terrific acting chops in HBO’s ‘In Treatment’ and opposite Daniel Craig in ‘Defiance,’ but now she’ll really make her name — with upcoming roles in ‘Amelia,’ ‘The Kids Are All Right’ and, of course, as Alice in Tim Burton’s fantastical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ update. Those looking for a new nickname might want to try Mia WOWsikowska.


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